Which Kitchen Knives Do You Use?

Kitchen Devil Knives
For many years, my main kitchen knife was a one from Kitchen Devil with a 6in blade that would cut almost anything. The serated blade would even do a passable job of slicing bread. Sadly, it went missing which was an upset as it had been a trusty friend in the kitchen.
Recently my kitchen was improved with the addition of a new set of five knives plus scissors all in a wooden block. What an improvement on my existing knives from the Pound Shop. I was actually able to slice vegetables to the size that I was aiming for once again.
At the risk of this sounding like an advert, these were also Kitchen Devil knives.
This brings me to the question in the title which is Which Kitchen Knives Do You Use?
Mine probably would not stand up to the rigours of a commercial kitchen for instance. They do a great job in mine though. So which knife brand did/would you choose?

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