Veggieball Dinner with Gravy

A great one to fool the carnivores with this Veggieball Dinner with Gravy. I would bet none would spot that this is totally vegetarian.

This is steamer cooking too so it is just a case of getting things set then leaving to cook. Gravy needs making towards the end but that is quick to do.

If you are yet to try out any of the veggieballs available then do take a look in your supermarket and give some a try. They are very good.

Veggieball Dinner with Gravy

Serves 4

Cooking Time: 45 mins


  • 1 pack frozen Veggieballs
  • 8-10 small new Potatoes
  • Bag of frozen mixed vegetables
  • Gravy granules or mix
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Set the steamer up with enough water to cook for 40 minutes. Slightly on the high side but it does allow a little leeway.
  2. Put the veggieballs into the lowest steamer basket then stack on the unit.
  3. Cut the potatoes. The target size is to have pieces that will need a single cut on the plate to get a bite size piece. Add them to the second steamer rack and set on top of the the first.
  4. Add the mixed vegetables to the final rack. Supermarkets sell ready made mixes or just create your own based on personal preference. Set the rack onto the top of the steamer.
  5. Cover then cook for 30 minutes.
  6. Timing for making the gravy depends on the method used. If using a pack then start it at around the 25 minute mark. If using granules then make when finished.
  7. Once everything is fully cooked then switch off the steamer and start to serve. Things will be hot though so be careful and use a glove if needed,
  8. Divide everything onto four serving plates. You may want to do it equally or use a balance based on size of appetite.
  9. Add the gravy to the plates at this point or serve it separately at the table so your diners can choose how much to add.
  10. Serve and Enjoy. Add salt and pepper according to taste


Different types of gravy will bring alternative tastes. A basic one is what is pictured but flavour can be added with others. As an example, an onion gravy works well. Alternatively, use a pepper sauce to make it into Veggieballs au Poivre.

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