Sweet and Sour Cocktail Sticks

Way back in the 1960s and 70s, a version of these Sweet and Sour Cocktail Sticks was a regular feature for any child’s birthday party food. This version adapts my childhood treat with ingredients that are more widely available now. The tanginess of the feta cheese, the sweetness of the grapes and the vinegary taste of the silverskin onions makes a wonderfully sweet and sour combination.


  • 16 Sweet White seedless Grapes
  • 200g/8oz Feta cheese
  • 16 pickled silverskin or cocktail onions
  • Cocktail Sticks


  1. Drain the Feta Cheese block then rinse with a little cold water.
  2. Cut the cheese into cubes so that there are at least 16. Feta can be a little crumbly at times so cut carefully. If there is Feta leftover after the 16 cubes are done then put in a bowl with water for later use and stick in the fridge.
  3. Spike each of the silverskin onions with a cocktail stick and push up to around the middle of the stick.
  4. Now push each of the cocktail sticks through a grape. Move up the stick so that there is plenty of space left to add the Feta.
  5. Push each of the loaded sticks into the centre of a cube of Feta then stand on a serving plate. There should be enough space at one end of the cocktail stick for it to be picked up with fingers.
  6. Serve as part of a buffet meal along with other nibbles.

Other fruits or types of cheese can be used for a different effect. For example, the version that I would eat in my childhood would be made with pineapple from a can and a mild cheddar cheese. Just experiment to find the combination that suits you best.

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