Store Prices Compared

store prices comparedI do virtually all my grocery shopping online here in the UK. Then I use US supermarkets to compare goods and price when preparing content for these pages. So finding an Australian supermarket that let me do the same for that country adds even more flexibility. Time to find out how store prices compared across the 3 countries.
Taking an English Breakfast as the sample recipe, I looked up each ingredient on each of the 3 stores. Or at least I tried to because getting an exact match was tricky. That was true for both ingredients and quantities. So the final result is imprecise and certainly not very scientific. It is still an interesting comparison though.
The UK shows as noticeably cheaper with the price actually coming down to $13.63 when converted to US dollars in a currency converter while Australia is at the high end of the scale.
So does this prove anything?
Superficially it says that Britain is a relatively cheap place to live. Australia is on the high side but only a little higher than the US. Of course, this was only looking at one untypical dish. It is quite possible that repeating the exercise with a different dish would place the countries in a totally different order. Yet it still provides an interesting view of the prices in each of the three countries.

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