Stodgy But Fun British Food – Edition 2

Welcome to the world of Stodgy But Fun British Food.
After over 50 years of eating it, I thought I would put pen to paper to tell the world about what us Brits eat. We can manage more than just fish n chips or pie n chips!
Read on for more on some great stodgy British food that my Mother and Grandmother would make.

Think Yorkshire Pudding, Beef Stew and Dumplings or Toad in the Hole. Just some of what you will find in this e-book.
Get it by clicking on the nice stodgy picture to the left or this little chef here.

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Note that the e-book is a PDF so may open in your browser or download depending on your settings. You will not be asked for an e-mail address or any other details about yourself nor are there any popups on the page trying to sell something. Just enjoy the book!
Have fun with Stodgy But Fun British Food.
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