Stodgy British Food – the recipes

Reminders of the old Transport Cafe with some of this selection of stodgy British food recipes from the Experimental Chefs collection.

Or consider the traditional Greasy Spoon Cafe too. Most have now closed but there are a few that still manage to keep going.

A small selection for your eating pleasure with more to come later. There are some obvious British classics that are missing.

More Stodgy British Food

Experimental Chefs has more recipes in a similar style. Take a look around to find them or look out for our next selection.


Let’s take a look at the recipes on our current menu.

Burger, Chips and Baked Beans

Burger, Chips and Baked Beans

One for those who can remember the older versions of Wimpy or Little Chef perhaps.

Does anyone else remember them because this is just the kind of food that would be served in them?

Pie, Chips n Peas

Pie, Chips and Peas

Little beats this British goodie.

Definitely a case of chips and peas then what variety of pie would the customer like.

Processed peas and plenty of gravy for best effect.
Bangers, Eggs and Beans on Toast

Bangers, Egg and Beans on Toast

Slight variation from the regular method with this. It uses a toasted bread roll rather than slices.

Other than that, a regular version of bangers, eggs and beans. Finishing touch of some brown sauce.
Liver and Vegetable Casserole

Liver and Vegetable Casserole

A one pot liver meal that is complete with all the vegetables that you will want and need.

Bacon is a good complement to liver but none was available when this was made. Perhaps it will be there in the next version.
Pitta Chip Butty

Pitta Chip Butty

A proper chip butty would use two slices of thick white bread with some chunky chips fried in Lard or Dripping.

We always like to be different so we oven baked the chips and served in a pitta.

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