Not Quite Gazpacho

Since I am not from a country that has a tradition of making a Gazpacho soup then this should perhaps be described as a soup which is Not Quite Gazpacho. It does produce something delicious and, perhaps more so in the warm summer months, delicious all year round though.

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Beef and Onion Soup

I am always keen on soup at lunchtime and making up a drinkable one makes it easy to continue with other things. This Beef and Onion Soup was just the ticket on one cold day. Just sweat a diced small onion in a little butter for around 10 minutes. It…

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Italian Minestrone Soup

This Italian Minestrone Soup is a nice, hearty meal in a bowl. One that will be sure to have you clean your dish and look for more! And the best part is, since this delicious soup is healthy, it would never be a problem to have that heaping second helping.

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Cream of Almond Soup

Cream of Almond soup is an absolutely delicious and most unusually flavored soup. The texture is delicate yet the flavor is even better than eating almonds alone. Definitely one to put on your “got to try” list!

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Leek and New Potato Soup

A recipe by Ian Dixon

This hearty and warming Leek and New Potato Soup that is ideal for a winter supper but delicious all year around. Use a fairly strongly flavoured boullion for best results. Serve with some crusty bread or croutons for a delicious lunch. Ingredients 4 medium sized leeks 500g baby new potatoes…

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Hedgehog Cooking

Chicken noodle soup has long been seen as a food for when illness prevents a person from wanting to eat. Now this may or may not be true so I am not going to make any health claims. It is a delicious soup at any time. Very easy to make…

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