Smoky Jacket Potato

It may sound like a BBQ recipe to some but it is far from that. This is a very traditional way to cook a smoky jacket potato which is usually reserved for one day  of the year.

That day is, of course Bonfire Night or Guy Fawke’s Night and is November 5 in the UK. Many fond memories come to mind as I think about the preparation us kids would go through in preparation for that day. It was also something of a feast and this was one thing that would always get made.


  • One large potato per person
  • One Bonfire
  • 250g/8oz Butter


  1. Light the Bonfire and get it burning well.
  2. Tightly wrap cooking foil around each of the potatoes.
  3. Once the bonfire has glowing embers at the base then very carefully place the wrapped potatoes in them. Leave for one to two hours to cook and crisp in the burning fire.
  4. While the potatoes cook, eat some ginger cake and treacle toffee. Wrong way round for sure because this is dessert first with the savoury part second. Live dangerous and experiment!
  5. Carefully remove the cooked potatoes from the fire. Long BBQ tongs are probably the best from a safety point of view. Set them aside to cool a little because they will be too hot to hold.
  6. Once cool enough to pick up in the foil then they are ready to serve. Carefully unwrap the cooking foil on each potato and split in two. Spoon butter into each so it melts into the cooked potato.
  7. Serve out in the dark and close to the bonfire so that everybody stays warm. No need for plates because the potato can be eaten straight from the foil wrapping.

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  1. This recipe reminds me of the days when my son was in the Boy Scouts. During an outing, they would often make fires to cook their meals, and inevitably foil-wrapped potatoes would be on the menu along with other kinds of food in foil packs. Being cooked outdoors, the meal was always delicious. Thanks for the great memory!

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