Sausages are Fun

Sausages are fun and everybody likes them!

Well, almost everybody but I am sure we can find a way to tempt you with this selection of recipes.

No Bangers and Mash or Toad in the Hole for this selection. Instead a varied choice of dishes that use the humble but versatile sausage.

Just some of the sausage recipes that we have. Find more Sausage Recipes with a site search.

The Recipes

Here are five sausage recipes for your enjoyment. Each is different in style so look for one to suit your taste.

  • Sausage RatatouilleSausage Ratatouille Sub
  • Much better than anything available from those high street places that have sub in their name.

    Sausage in a rich tomato ratatouille served in a sub bun.

  • Sausage Stuffed PittaSausage Stuffed Pitta
  • A Sausage Butty in all but name.

    Pitta makes for variety from regular bread.

    Plus the regular brown sauce is on there.

  • Sausage and Burger StewSausage and Burger Stew
  • Sausage and burger cooked how they should be.

    There is this popular myth that both should be fried. This recipe cooks both in gravy for a much better finish. Tender and tasty.

  • Curried Sausage and Baked Bean OmeletteCurried Sausage and Baked Bean Omelette
  • It might seem unusual to combine omelette with curry but why not?

    Add in the sausages too to end up with a really good meal.

  • A recipe from Cynthia FertalSausage and Macaroni Loaf
  • Why not turn your next mac n cheese into a loaf with some sausages? It takes things to a whole new dimension.

    Pour on some tomato sauce to serve to have a great meal.

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