Sausages, Chips and Peas

This meal of Sausages, Chips and Peas is simple to make in the oven or, at a pinch, in the microwave.

It can, of course, be done better in other ways but they take more work for both the cooking and the post-meal cleaning.

Adding Yorkshire Pudding makes it more substantial too and brings it close to being a Toad in the Hole.

Sausages, Chips, Peas and Yorkshire puddings with gravy

Just pre-heat the oven then put the sausages and oven chips in. They can go on one or two dishes depending on how many you are cooking for.
Pour the frozen peas into a bowl, add water and salt then cover. Put that at the base of the oven.
I would also normally add mint to the peas for additional flavour so you may want to do that.

Takes about 30 minutes to cook depending on the oven so relax for a little.

Frozen yorkshires are the easiest so, if you want yorkshires on the plate, put them in the oven about five minutes before everything else is cooked.

Easiest way to make up some gravy is to use some of the granules that just need boiling water to create something reasonable. So, when time is nearly up in the oven, boil up some water then make the gravy.

All that is then left to do is to get the sausages, chips and peas onto plates before pouring on the gravy. I tend to add some salt to the finished meal and sometimes some pepper on the peas and sausages.

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