Sausage Cauliflower Cheese

With the addition of parsnips, peas and onions then this Sausage Cauliflower Cheese makes a substantial dinner. It mostly cooks in the pressure cooker in around ten minutes making it easy for those times when a meal is needed quickly.

Preparing the cheese sauce can be a little time consuming but supermarkets sell ready made ones that can be used to avoid that part of the preparation. Alternatively, use a packet mix for speed.

You may prefer to use some potatoes instead of parsnips. I enjoy the latter because of the slight sweetness that they have. They also have much in common with the potato from a nutrition viewpoint.

Sausage Cauliflower Cheese

Preparation Time: 20 mins

Serves 2


  • 4 pre-cooked Sausages (any variety)
  • 1 small head Cauliflower
  • 2 small Brown Onions
  • 4 Tbsp Peas
  • 225g/8oz Parsnips
  • 250ml/½pt/10 fl oz Cheese Sauce


  1. Peel away the outer leaves from the cauliflower then break the florets apart. Trim to your preference. Some like to cut the stalks quite short while others prefer to leave them somewhat longer. Put the prepared vegetable into one side of the pressure cooker basket.
  2. Add the peas onto the top of the cauliflower. This is more to make it easier to serve as the two look good together.
  3. If using fresh parsnips then peel as the outer skin is normally quite tough. Slice into fingers then put into the second section of the cooker basket. If using ready prepared then just add to the basket.
  4. Peel then either halve or quarter the onions depending on size. Add onto the top of the parsnips.
  5. Slice the sausages diagonally so that each produces about 6 slices. Place on top of the onion and parsnip.
  6. Put the basket inside the pressure cooker then add a little salt to taste. Pour in about 150ml/¼pt/5 fl oz water then seal the cooker.
  7. Place over a high heat and bring to a point where the weight is dancing. In other words, it has reached pressure. Keep the heat quite high so that the internal pressure is maintained for 8-10 minutes. Exact time depends on both the cooker and the degree of crunchiness that you prefer in vegetables. Go for 10 minutes to be safe for a first attempt.
  8. While that is cooking then prepare the cheese sauce. If using one bought ready made then it is just a case of pouring into a bowl that can be popped into the microwave to heat as the rest of the food is being spooned out. If preparing from scratch then it will take 5-10 minutes on the hob. The packet mixes will take around 5 minutes. It means getting the timing right so the sauce is hot when the rest of the food is ready to serve.
  9. Once time is up then carefully remove the pressure cooker from the heat. Reduce the internal pressure according to the manufacturers instructions so that it is safe to open.
  10. Divide the cauliflower and peas between two serving bowls. Set to one side to leave space for the other ingredients.
  11. Add sausage into each bowl then follow with the onion. That combination should fill about a quarter of the bowl.
  12. Spoon out the parsnips to fill the remainder of the bowl.
  13. Pour over the cheese sauce then serve while still hot.


A further option for cooking this would be to replace the parsnip with sweet potato. That certainly adds a sweeter flavour and a different colour to any food.

You may also like to give a little more colour to the plate by including some carrots. They can be cooked in the pressure cooker along with the other ingredients.

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