Sausage and Broon Butty

Now with a name like Sausage and Broon Butty and me originally from close to Newcastle then you could be forgiven for thinking that the Broon part of the name is a reference to Newcastle Brown Ale.

Good old Newkie Broon which used to be brewed right next to the home of Newcastle United but is now created further south.

Broon in this case is the reference to my childhood favourite of Brown sauce and there is plenty of it on this butty.

I may call it a Sausage and Broon Butty even though it is slightly removed from traditional. I used pitta rather than standard to make it simply because I find pitta easier to store.

No recipe needed for this one. Just cook up a couple of sausages, heat the pitta so that it puffs open then cut to form a pocket, slice the sausage lengthwise and stuff into the pitta, add brown sauce plus a little salt.

Great for a quick lunch which cold, of course, be enjoyed with a bottle of Newkie Broon if you so chose.

Sausage and Broon

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