Sausage and Baked Bean Stew

An easy Sausage and Baked Bean Stew that takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare and then cooks in under 15 minutes in a pressure cooker. Simply build around a can of baked beans and sausages with some added vegetables. Add in some herbs or spices for additional taste and you have fast food without the cost of the supersize upsell.
Some basic store cupboard and freezer ingredients combine well into a reasonably nutritional meal. Perhaps not the best but a few cans in the cupboard and frozen vegetables in the freezer can save many a trip to the supermarket in order to get something for dinner.
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Sausage and Baked Bean Stew

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: Serves 2

Sausage and Baked Bean Stew

A great meal that is easily made from store cupboard and freezer ingredients when you want something ready in a hurry. A little chopping to do but then everything in the pressure cooker. Dinner for two on the table in under 30 minutes! Just serve with some bread to mop up the extra sauce from the stew then enjoy.


  • 400g/14oz can Baked Beans and Sausages (see notes)
  • 4 small Potatoes
  • 1 medium Brown Onion
  • 2 large white Mushrooms
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 125g/4oz Mixed Vegetables (see notes)
  • 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
  • ½ tsp Paprika (optional)
  • Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper


  1. Empty the can of Baked Beans and Sausages into the pressure cooker pot.
  2. Half fill the now empty can with water and swirl round to rinse off the remaining tomato sauce. Pour the resulting mixture into the pot then add a further half can of water.
  3. Scrub the potatoes then chop into bite sized pieces. Check them over in the process because you may find a few bad bits that need to be cut away. Do what is needed then add the potatoes to the pot.
  4. Peel and coarsely chop the onion. Add to the filling pot. Follow suit with the garlic then move to slicing the mushroom to get that in the mixture too.
  5. Add in the mixed vegetables
  6. Add in the soy sauce and the paprika if you choose to use it. Grind in a little sea salt and some black pepper.
  7. Seal up the pressure cooker and set it over a high heat. Take a break while it reaches the correct pressure but stay close so as to monitor when it does.
  8. Reduce the heat on the hob once the pressure is reached. Continue to cook for about 10 minutes depending on your cooker. Then remove from the heat and leave to stand for 5 minutes..
  9. CAUTION : There is still a lot of steam inside the pressure cooker at this moment. It is a scalding risk so please exercise great care when opening. I personally reduce the steam by nudging the weight with a wooden spoon until there is no more steam appearing. Be cautious if using this approach becaus the steam that emerges is hot and does come in your direction.
  10. Once the steam is out and the pressure is down then it is time to open the cooker and serve up a yummy Sausage and Baked Bean Stew. You might want to add some bread to mop up the extra juices from the sauce.


Baked beans are always a tricky thing to define in a recipe because they differ between countries. These are the UK version with the nearest US equivalent being Vegetarian baked beans. If the Beans and sausages in a can are not available then use plain baked beans plus half a 400g/14oz can of hot dog sausages.

Frozen mixed vegetables are always a tricky choice. Each supermarket has their own selection of vegetables that they put in. Plus the proportions may well vary from one batch to another. The result is that you have have to vary the exact quantity used. Essentially it means look it all over and see when you think it is looking good.

An alternative approach is to cook a Sausage and Baked Bean Casserole. It starts from more basic ingredients so takes longer to prepare. The extra time gives a better result so it is worth looking at as an alternative.

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