Minty Cottage Cheese and Cucumber

Simple and easy to prepare, this Minty Cottage Cheese and Cucumber has great versatility. Prepared in a few momenets and can be served immediately. It can be used as a filling for a baked potato, a pitta bread or a regular sandwich. It can also be used as part of…

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Pepper and Chilli Crackers

Chilli and Pepper Crackers

Cream Crackers were one of the staples of my youth because there would always be a packet or two in the food cupboard that us kids could snack on on when we got home from school. These Pepper and Chilli Crackers combine that with the cheese spreads that I have…

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Herby Cottage Cheese and Tomato Pitta

For many years, I steered clear of cottage cheese. It was a food for those on a weight loss program and I have more of a need to gain weight than to lose it. Then an impulse decision led to me buying some and finding it was actually a good…

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Cheese, Pickled Onion and Mustard Toastie


Different people have their own definition of a toastie. One way to see it is simply as a sandwich made with toasted bread and that is what I am using here. Combining pickled onions and mustard may seem strange. It works to make this Cheese, Pickled Onion and Mustard Toastie…

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Egg Salad Pitta with Cottage Cheese

A recipe by Ian Dixon

With a surplus of fresh eggs that were going out of date, I did what I normally do and hard boiled them. Egg Mayonnaise had no appeal on this day.Then I remembered the pitta bread, salad and cottage cheese that I had. Thus was born this Egg Salad Pitta with…

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Carrot and Cheese Salad

This simple carrot and cheese salad used with your favourite bread for a delicious sandwich filling. It can also be used as an accompaniment to a more substantial meal or as a filling for a baked potato. Adding paprika adds a sweet bite to the flavour. Tomato paste adds both…

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