Mustardy Cheese Salad Sandwich

The Complete Mustardy Cheese Salad Sandwich

It adds a little extra bite when you make a Mustardy Cheese Salad Sandwich.  Smear a little prepared yellow mustard onto one of the slices of bread then assemble the other ingredients on top. Of course, mayonnaise or salad cream is needed on the other slice of bread. It would…

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Sausage and Egg Sandwich

Sausage and Egg Sandwich - The finished result

Traditional British food at its best with this Sausage and Egg Sandwich combined with a coating of brown sauce for added flavour. Back when I would first eat this, the bread would have been white as wholemeal was uncommon. These days it is much easier to buy so this sandwich…

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English Breakfast Sandwich


In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it can be difficult to find time to cook and eat a hearty breakfast. Roll out this English Breakfast Sandwich which combines the old with the new. In the process, it gives a whole new meaning to fast food. Simply prepare…

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Cheese and Mustard Salad Baguette

These cheese-topped baguettes from the supermarket may lack the flavour of home-made bread but I do like the one I used here. They make for a great Cheese and Mustard Salad Baguette that is an easy lunch. Cut into chunks about 6 inches long then fill with cheese, mushroom, tomato…

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Another lazy lunch with a Hamwich. Now that is just me putting a fancy name on a ham sandwich of course but I like to be different. No recipe needed because all it amounts to is two slices of wholemeal bread, sliced ham and mustard. Put that together and it…

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Cheese Spread and Mushroom Baguette

This was something simple and quick that I just threw together for lunch today. It is just a piece of the cheese-topped baguette plus some sliced mushrooms that were mentioned in my lunch ingredients post. Split the baguette then I used cheese spread rather than the smoked cheese. Add some…

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