Feta Cheese and Bean Salad

Hedgehog Cooking

Feta Cheese or another Greek-style cheese can be too salty for some palates but they do make the basis for a delicious salad. Dice and mix the cheese with chilled cooked beans to create a very filling dish. Add in tomato and onion to make it even more delicious. Finish…

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Dandelion Salad

A recipe from Cynthia Fertal

The memories dandelion salad evokes is one of great joy from my childhood! There are so many ways to “dress” this up, but below is a favorite of the Pennsylvania Dutch community. My favorite vegetarian way will follow… Ingredients young dandelion greens preferred 4 thick slices bacon ½ cup cream…

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Cucumber Boats

A recipe by Ian Dixon

Cucumber Boats are very easy to prepare and make a great finger food for a party or BBQ. They can also be a great lunch or dinner with a more substantial filling. This version of the recipe is more for a delicious meal but it is easy to adapt as…

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Red Coleslaw

I love coleslaw but the supermarket stuff is a poor imitation of what you can easily make yourself. This way of preparing one does vary a little from the norm I have various ways of making it but this Red Coleslaw is one of my favourites.

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