Pitta Egg Burger

This Pitta Egg Burger is very much a cook ahead lunch as I will explain.

Firstly, I live off hard boiled eggs that I make them in batches of at least six then keep in the fridge to eat on a later day.

Second, I cook more than is needed for one meal so I have some leftovers for the following day. For this particular lunch, I had made Burger in Gravy on one day. I cooked extra burgers without the gravy to use the next.

So that gives me some eggs and some burger to make into this Pitta Egg Burger as shown here.
It also show my current fixation with using pitta bread (or pita for the benefit of the US). So easy to store then reheat that I use it in preference to regular bread,

A Picture

This is what my final Pitta Egg Burger looked like.

Pitta Egg Burger

A Recipe

So easy to make that there is no real need for one but here is what I did.

It just takes a couple of 2oz burgers, a hard boiled egg and a Pitta.

Just heat the pitta until it puffs open then allow to cool a little. Shell the egg then chop into chunks or slices. Cut the cooked burger into smallish pieces.
Then slice open the pitta to make a pocket. Put some of the burger at the bottom then some of the egg.

Add on a little mayonnaise or salad cream plus some salt and pepper. Paprika could also be used for a spicier taste.

Next add in the remaining burger and egg as layers. Top with a little more salad cream plus some salt and pepper.

That is it and ready to serve.

A Word of Caution

This is a slightly messy thing to eat as the salad cream tends to run out of the Pitta. Be sure to have it on a plate when eating so that any stray bits go onto that.

A Tip

This is best done with burgers that have been cooked in the steamer in my opinion. They end end softer when cooked that way as opposed to frying or grilling.

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