Not Quite Uitsmijter

Anyone from the Netherlands would most likely protest at this being called Not Quite Uitsmijter. It is quite close to a dish that I would often enjoy when in that country hence the name. Sliced bread topped with meat, a few vegetables and fried eggs makes for a good meal.…

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Roast Chicken Dinner

This recipe came about when I was cooking chicken for visitors but had a change of plan when frying the pieces became unappealing. The chicken needed to be used because it had been frozen then defrosted. No ideas came immediately to mind so I went away from the thought and…

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Thai-Style Salad Dressing

A recipe by Ian Dixon

I’ve long been a fan of Vinaigrette rather than Mayonnaise as an accompaniment for a salad or coleslaw. They are quick and easy to make with so many possibilities for the final flavour. This Thai-Style Salad Dressing is similar to a vinaigrette yet provides a tasty alternative that works with…

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Cheese, Pickled Onion and Mustard Toastie


Different people have their own definition of a toastie. One way to see it is simply as a sandwich made with toasted bread and that is what I am using here. Combining pickled onions and mustard may seem strange. It works to make this Cheese, Pickled Onion and Mustard Toastie…

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