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English Breakfast Feast

This English Breakfast Feast is a favourite breakfast food at what are sometimes called ‘greasy spoon cafes’ in England. Sometimes called a Full English Breakfast and a very filling start to the day. With a large enough frying pan then most can be cooked at the same time. Most are…

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Dandelion Salad

A recipe from Cynthia Fertal

The memories dandelion salad evokes is one of great joy from my childhood! There are so many ways to “dress” this up, but below is a favorite of the Pennsylvania Dutch community. My favorite vegetarian way will follow… Ingredients young dandelion greens preferred 4 thick slices bacon ½ cup cream…

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Breakfast Baked Potato

Perhaps calling this a Breakfast Baked Potato is wrong because it is very substantial. It combines the traditional British breakfast and our liking of a baked potato.

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