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Bacon and Eggs with Cherry Tomato and Mushroom

Bacon and Eggs is a British classic breakfast. Fried or grilled mushrooms are commonly included as is tomato. This version is a slight variation because it has cherry tomato. No bread when I made this one otherwise it would have been with a fried slice too.

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Bacon, Egg and Potato Waffle

Bacon, Egg and Potato Waffle can be viewed as an all-day meal because it suits breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is a slightly unusual way to serve it because it should really have seen the egg fried rather than hard-boiled. Still, it worked and tasted good.

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Bacon, Tomato and Mushroom stuffed Pitta

Pitta bread is wonderfully flexible. It freezes well and takes up little space yet is easy to cook from frozen. This Bacon, Tomato and Mushroom stuffed Pitta makes for a good lunch or a light dinner. Easy and quick to prepare too.

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Five Soy Sauce Recipes

Soy Paprika Chicken

For your enjoyment, here are five soy sauce recipes. Or, should I say, soy sauce is prominent in each of them. These are all in what might be broadly called an oriental style of cooking. Yet soy sauce is a very versatile ingredient and can easily be used to flavour…

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Five Eggscellent Ideas

Fried Eggs

Here are five eggscellent ideas for using that staple food known as the egg. Some are close to convention but, since the site is called Experimental Chefs, expect some variation from the norm.

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Five Soups Selection

Not Quite Chicken Soup

Soup is a great dish for any occasion and any time of the day. It can be anything from a light snack to a full meal depending on the ingredients. Here are a few recipes from our soups selection at Experimental Chefs that you may enjoy trying. Do let us…

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