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Rice, Egg and Garden Pea Salad

bowl of rice

More an accompaniment than a meal in its own right, this Rice, Egg and Garden Pea Salad is quite a filling combination. Yet it does stand alone as a lunch or a light meal. Perhaps some bread or crackers to make it more of a meal Serve with spring rolls…

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Corned Beef Pie

Hedgehog Cooking

This is a variation on what we in the UK tend to call Corned Beef Hash. This is made in the form of a shortcrust pastry pie. My Grand Mother would make this every time that we came to visit as part of the Sunday teatime buffet. She would serve…

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Top 5 recipes for week 34

Cynthia as Chef of the day

The Top 5 Recipes from Experimental Chefs for Week 34 2014. In date terms that means August 18-24. Some better choices by our visitors this week although they do still head for the strangest of choices. Something worth a look at is our Macatouille recipe. It combines elenents of lasagna,…

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Creative Baked Beans – part 1

Baked Beans on an Egg and Toamto base with toast

After eggs, baked beans are probably one of the most prominent foods in my diet. I grew up with eating beans on toast on a regular basis. They might well be served as the vegetable with a meal too. They are actually a great and very healthy food that can…

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Top 5 Recipes for Week 33 2014

The Top 5 Recipes from Experimental Chefs for Week 33 2014. For those who prefer actual dates to week numbers the that means 11-17 August. I was almost reluctant to publish as they are far from being a fair representation of the content that is on the site. More work…

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Mushy Pea Bangers and Mash

Mushy Peas

Just to show how difficult it is to make Bangers and Mash then here is another way that I use on occasion with a Mushy Pea Bangers and Mash. This one is a combination of frying and the pressure cooker. It also adds more into the gravy for the bangers…

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