Onion Bhaji and Danish Blue Salad

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I had to come up with something for lunch. The local shop was already closed so I had to look at what I already had in my flat. Onion Bhaji and Danish Blue Salad looked a good idea so I went ahead and made it. It combined two things that I really like as well.

Use the small onion bhajis if you can get them because the big ones can be a bit overpowering. Cut the larger ones into pieces if those are what is available.

A picture never truly shows the dish so here is what was in it:

  • onion bhaji
  • Around 25g/1oz Danish Blue cheese, cubed
  • 1 large tomato, quartered
  • 1 large mushroom, quartered
  • Coleslaw

Onion Bhaji and Danish Blue Salad
That serves one but is easy to multiply up for more.
Some vinaigrette drizzled over the tomato and mushroom could be good too though I didnt do that this time.
It still was a great lunch because I love the onion bhaji and the danish blue cheese.

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