Oat Crackers with Cheese, Tomato and Houmous

Oat Crackers with Houmous, Cheese and Tomato

I came across these Oat Crackers when doing my online shopping and thought they looked good. They were! I put some cheese spread onto three of them and some red pepper houmous onto another three. Add a large quartered tomato to the plate. Grind over some black peppercorns then finish off with a little fresh grated sea salt. It was wonderful. A little balsamic vinaigrette for the tomato may have helped but there was none available.

Add More?

This works well alone but is between a snack and a lunch. Try adding some cucumber, lettuce and mayo to make a more substantial meal. Carrot can be served in several ways. Chopped into sticks with a mayo and mint dip is one of the simplest. The list of possibilities is almost endless.

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