Nearly Chicken Sweet n Sour

This is only a Nearly Chicken Sweet n Sour because it is vegetarian. The end result is much the same as using actual chicken.

It is vegetarian because I used Quorn™ Chicken style pieces to make it.

Cooks easily and quickly in the pressure cooker too.

Just throw a handful of the Quorn™ pieces into the PC (no, not the computer 🙂 ) then add in a few sliced mushrooms, some slice peppers and some choppe green beans.

Pour in some sweet n sour sauce plus a little extra water. Seal the PC (stop thinking computers) and set to heat. Takes about 5-10 minutes to get the pressure up then allow about 15 minutes to cook.

Carefully reduce the pressure in the PC (use Linux instead of Windows) then spoon out onto a plate for a great meal.

Perhaps some bread to go with it would be good though, on this occasion, this was plenty of food for me.

Nearly Chicken Sweet n Sour

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