An English Dinner Menu

An English dinner menu

Following on from my English Breakfast Menu. Next from my virtual cafe is a dinner menu comprised of great English classic foods. I left the remark from the breakfast version about choosing all items though I do very much doubt that anybody could make it through a plate that was…

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Bovril plus Meat Pie

Football soccer

The 3.45pm treat on a cold Saturday afternoon was getting Bovril and a meat pie from a rather ramshackle food place. Or it could also be on a cold midweek evening at 8.15pm. The first dose of Bovril might well have been consumed before these times in order to warm…

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Five Sausage Recipes

Sausage, Egg and Baked Beans on Toast

Well we are quite partial to them here at Experimental Chefs so we took a selection and made this list of five sausage recipes. Take a look at them as there are choices for both lunch and dinner included. Try what you like the look of. Five Sausage Recipes Sausage…

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Baked Beans

Baked Beans are everyone’s favorite. This can be made vegetarian simply by the omission of the pork in the recipe.

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Mashed Potato is Boring

Now I was brought up in a cold part of England eating a diet that very heavily featured mashed potato. The school dinner version was always popular because of how lumpy it was. Better at home where my mother would mash it smooth. A lot can be created with mashed…

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GMO letter to MEPs

Well, they managed to buy sufficient support to prevent consumer choice. Placing a label on genetically modified foods would increase that choice but still allow their use. Since they have all the information about what ingredients are being used then they would easily be able to say that a product…

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