Mexican Chip Butty

Now calling this a Mexican Chip Butty is perhaps stretching things a bit. After all. what is Mexican about it?

Yet I craved a Chip Butty. No bread but I did have Tortillas and thus the Mexican Chip Butty was born. Get the Chips a cooking!

Now OK I did cheat on this one and use oven chips. Proper ones that were fried would have been nicer but I am sometimes a lazy chef.

All you need for this (one serving) is a tortilla wrap and a handful of chips (fries for those who must)

Cook the chips then put onto the tortilla. I would have added Brown Sauce but I had run out.

Mexican Chip Butty

Then simply fold up to make a delicious Mexican Chip Butty. Put in some salsa or sweet chilli sauce for a more Mexican style taste. Or go with brown sauce for something closer to the British approach.

Mexican Chip Butty Wrapped

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