Mashed Potato is Boring

Mashed Potatoes

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Now I was brought up in a cold part of England eating a diet that very heavily featured mashed potato. The school dinner version was always popular because of how lumpy it was. Better at home where my mother would mash it smooth.
A lot can be created with mashed potato yet it can be very boring. Experiment by combining with other things to make it more interesting. Here are some ideas just to get the ball rolling.

  • Add both butter and milk to the cooked mash.
  • Grate in some cheese. Cheddar or Parmesan both work well.
  • Cook the potato with sliced carrot then mash the two together with some butter.
  • Use ¾ potato and ¼ turnip then mash together with butter.
  • Use half potato and half sweet potato then mash together with butter.
  • Mash in a can of baked beans to make a vegetarian bean cake. Note that US baked beans usually contain bacon so find a vegetarian version.
  • Mix in a can of tuna or salmon to make fishcakes.
  • Fry some diced bacon then add the mash and fry till all is golden.

I’ve got other fairly simple ways to use mashed potato. Some are already hidden in here if you want to look.
I thought to allow the readers to comment on there favoured approach.
Mashed potato is boring but it can be made more interesting.

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