Kippers Cookbook – The Brussels

Kippers Cookbook Brussels Edition
Given the love of a certain UK independent party of the city of Brussels then what better than a cookbook dedicated to it?

The focus here is on Brussels Sprouts rather than the city. An apt vegetable for all the eurosceptics who insist on referring to the place and probably refuse to eat the vegetable.

A good selection of recipes from us here at Experimental Chefs. Kippers may struggle because of the presence of Brussels but everybody else should find something to please.

Suggested Drinks

Well it has to be a pint of British ale with any of them. After all, that is what the party leader sups on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

This is only part one with a focus on Brussels Sprouts. Part two will have chicken recipes because the party name translates as You Chicken in the Flemish speaking parts of the Brussels that they earn so much from yet claim to despise.

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