Helping the Hungry in 2012

In the past, I have been hungry and only survived thanks to the help of generous donors of food. I have been trying to get to write this post for several days. The motivation to finally do it came as I was cooking my own Christmas Dinner in the comfort of a warm home. That made me realise the importance of helping the hungry whenever we can. These are a few suggestions about what can be done.

One way to help is to contribute to the World Food Programme which is a part of the United Nations. I have been contributing a little when I can in order to help their work in combating hunger around the world. The big thing I like about WFP is that their approach is to provide help when it is needed then to work for longer term solutions that allow communities to become more self-sufficient in their food needs. Please consider making a donation through their website so a hungry person in one of the 80 or so countries that they operate can get a meal.

Now the WFP does great work in partnership with others but we should also remember that hunger exists close to home too. The current forecast for the UK is that 3 million people will soon be unemployed and struggling to buy food. Add in the homeless and it makes for a lot of hungry people. We can help them too and here are a few ideas:

  • Check your local school. church or community centre to see if if they have a drop-off for a local Food Bank. If they do then add something to it.
  • Check your food cupboards for food that is just in there and not being used. If it is still within date then a hungry family could get a decent meal from it. You benefit by getting the food cupboard uncluttered too.
  • Look up the local soup run for the homeless in your area and see what they can use. Hot soup on a cold night when the bed for the previous night is always welcome as an example
  • There are places that provide hot meals for the hungry. If you grow your own vegetables then consider giving some of them to one of these. It helps them to make a healthier meal for people who want to eat.
  • Buy one or two extra packets or cans each time you shop. Donate them to either the soup run or the food bank. It costs very little yet helps to feed a hungry family.

Homelessness and Hunger can come to anyone so please consider taking some action to help in 2012.

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