GMO letter to MEPs

Well, they managed to buy sufficient support to prevent consumer choice. Placing a label on genetically modified foods would increase that choice but still allow their use. Since they have all the information about what ingredients are being used then they would easily be able to say that a product contained GM.
But no, they prefer to spend $45 million to campaign against it and buy the vote.

Now as this article is about Europe where there are requirements on GM labels then it is time to get to the point.
Write to your MEPs urging them to maintain a strong position on GM labels within Europe and for them to bring pressure on the US to add the labeling. Our voices let them know what the people think which leads to increased consumer choice.

If you are in the UK then you can use WriteToThem to find your MEPs and then send them an email.

This is the letter I sent to mine using it. Feel free to use it as written, modify it or write your own. Most importantly keep up the pressure on politicians to say that we want consumer choice and that means knowing what is in our food.

Dear [list of MEPs]

Given the current controversy over the labeling of genetically modified food in the USA, most specifically in California, I am writing to ask you to support the current requirements in the EU for GM food to be labelled as such.

Personally, I am opposed to GM foods as I believe them to be harmful to both health and the wider environment. Yet it is consumer choice so simply putting on a label to identify something as containing GM allows for that.

I would also urge you to lobby the US to back mandatory labeling in their country. The companies who oppose it have all the information they need to do so as they need it in Europe. There is therefore no problem with them doing so worldwide.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Ian Dixon

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