Get a Flask!

If you want a great way to have a healthy lunch then get a flask!

You might call them a Thermos or you might just use vacuum flask but the principle is the same. They keep food warm for a period of time so they are a great way to have a warming lunch when you are on the move. Get one with a wide neck and the food can even be eaten straight from the flask.

Soups that are blended work best with the flask but many things can be put into one. Make them the night before or simply use the leftovers from the meal if the pieces are small enough. All that is required is to quickly reheat the soup or stew in the microwave then carefully pour it into the flask. That takes a couple of minutes before heading out for the day and has the benefit of providing a delicious hot lunch at a moderate cost.

A flask cup can be used to just drink a blended soup but a spoon and bowl can come in useful if using a stew. The choice of what to put in the flask is yours. It will lead to a lunch that is cheaper and more healthy than would be bought from a takeaway place. You also benefit from being able to choose from some of the recipes on here or from your own favourites.

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