Fried Egg Medley

This Fried Egg Medley came about because I am a lazy chef. The original plan was for it to be an omelette but I was feeling too lazy to beat the eggs.

No matter though because it came out looking and tasting great. Just breaking the eggs into the pan and frying them that way turned out really well.

Cetainly one worth a try.

Serves 1

Fried Egg Medley


  • 2 large free range Eggs
  • 1 large Tomato
  • 2 rashers of your favourite Bacon
  • 2 large White Mushrooms or a handful of he button version.
  • 1 small Brown Onion
  • Brown Sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Place a fry pan onto the stove and begin to heat. No need to add oil or other fat.
  2. Cut the bacon rashers into pieces around 2½cm/1inch long
  3. Cut the tomato into quarters/li>
  4. Quarter the mushrooms. Or keep whole if using the button version
  5. Peel the onion then quarter.
  6. Put the bacon and the onion into the hot pan and fry for a few moments until some fat starts to run from the bacon.
  7. Add the tomato and mushroom to the pan and stir well. Keep everything moving for a few minutes so that all gets thoroughly cooked on both sides.
  8. Even out the mixture in the pan then break an egg into opposite sides. The yolk will stay at the outside while the white will spread in the pan.
  9. Continue to cook until the egg white has set and the yolks are just cooked.
  10. Turn onto a serving plate. Add brown sauce, salt and pepper then eat and enjoy.

Now a couple of slices of toasted bread that I could have dipped into the runny egg yolks would have really made this perfect. Maybe next time!

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