Five Soy Sauce Recipes

For your enjoyment, here are five soy sauce recipes. Or, should I say, soy sauce is prominent in each of them.

These are all in what might be broadly called an oriental style of cooking. Yet soy sauce is a very versatile ingredient and can easily be used to flavour many different dishes. Soups and stews would be an example but there are many more possibilities.

Take a look at any of them to see what you might like and give it a try.

Soy Sauce Marinaded Mushrooms with Egg

Soy sauce marinaded mushrooms with egg

Soy Bacon, Egg and Rice

Soy Bacon, Egg and Rice

Stir Fry Chilli Bean Sprouts

Stirfry Chilli Beansprouts

Soy Mushroom and Tomato

Mushroom and Tomato with Soy Sauce

Soy Paprika Chicken

Soy Paprika Chicken

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