Five Sausage Recipes

Well we are quite partial to them here at Experimental Chefs so we took a selection and made this list of five sausage recipes.

Take a look at them as there are choices for both lunch and dinner included. Try what you like the look of.

Sausage, Egg and Baked Beans on Toast

Five Sausage Recipes

  1. Sausage Stuffed Pitta
  2. Sausage, Egg and Baked Beans
  3. Sausage and Baked Bean Stew
  4. Sausage Cauliflower Cheese
  5. Curried Sausage and Baked Bean Omelette


There are many more sausage recipes on Experimental Chefs. Scroll down a little further then use sausage in the search box to find them.

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