Five Pitta Egg Picks

Pitta is a great alternative to regular bread.
Eggs are a great food.

So here are five of our pitta egg picks that combine them into a meal to enjoy.

Toasty Pitta Egg and Baked Beans

A lightly toasted pitta split open then filled with slices of hard boiled egg and baked beans.

Toasty Egg Baked Beans

Curry and Egg Pitta

Slices of hard boiled egg topped with curry sauce (spiciness optional)

Curry Egg Pitta

Egg and Beetroot Pitta

Slices of pickled beetroot and hard boiled egg in a lightly toasted pitta.

Egg Beetroot Pitta

Egg Salad Pitta

Stuff a pitta with some mixed salad plus hard boiled egg then add salad cream or mayonnaise.

Egg Salad Pitta

Carrot and Egg Pitta

Coarseley grate raw carrot then use that plus slices of hard boiled egg to stuff a pitta.

Carrot Egg Pitta

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