Five Eggscellent Ideas

Here are five eggscellent ideas for using that staple food known as the egg.

Some are close to convention but, since the site is called Experimental Chefs, expect some variation from the norm.

Fried Eggs

Bacon and Egg Supreme

Thickly sliced bacon, fried egg, cherry tomatoes and fried mushrooms.

Maybe a dollop of brown sauce on the plate to serve.

Bacon, Egg, Cherry Tomatoes and Mushrooms
How to make Bacon and Egg Supreme

Egg and Tomato Filler

Something that came from my mum because we would often have this on a Sunday afternoon as a sandwich filling.

A very simple combination of hard boiled egg and tomato. Then use the mixture to fill the sandwiches. No mayo required!

Egg and Tomato Sandwich filler
How to make Egg and Tomato Filler

Baked Beans and Scrambled Eggs

Either baked beans or scrambled eggs served on toast were a quite common meal when I was young. I still eat both after all the years.

This idea just combines both onto a single plate.

Fried Eggs
How to cook Baked Beans and Scrambled Eggs

Sausage and Egg Butty

Making some of these is very easy with a little advance planning. Cook up extra sausages for dinner plus some hard boiled eggs.

Then there is enough the following day to use them both as the filling for this butty.

Sausage and Egg Butty
How to make a Sausage and Egg Butty

Leftover Sausage and Egg Curry

It is really a cross between leftovers and deliberate forward planning.

What I do is to cook one meal and use an excess of something. Then I cook another the following day and do the same. On day 3, I combine the leftovers into another meal.

This is an an example of doing just that.

Leftover Sausage and Egg Curry
How to make a Leftover Sausage and Egg Curry

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