A Fishy Business

A Fishy BusinessEat Your Fish

A Fishy Business is the latest recipe book from Experimental Chefs. It is a collection of 20 tried and tested recipes for fish and side dishes to go alongside.

Find a selection that ranges from fish pie to a fishy salad. Add in some chunky chips or some caper sauce to accompany the main dish.

Something here for everyone who enjoys fish. Or choose a different accompaniment to your fish dish.

All the recipes were made in the kitchen of Cynthia Fertal or Ian Dixon then eaten by them.

Get a Copy of A Fishy Business while available

You can get your copy by clicking on the book cover to the left or find it at A Fishy Business.

It asks for credit card details. You can fill them in if you want to buy Ian or Cynthia a coffee in return for the work that went into creating this book.

Alternatively you can just enter zero in the price to pay box to get the book for free.

If, after looking through the book, you think Ian and Cynthia deserve a coffee then you can always go back to buy them one.
If you want a challenge then look through the recipes and see if you can figure out which ones are from Ian and which are from Cynthia. There are differences because one of us is in the the UK and one in the USA.


We are using a third party service to supply the book so their privacy policy applies rather than ours. We trust them though.

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