Red Pepper and Tuna Salad Boats

Red Pepper and Tuna Salad

Putting your tuna salad into a cut in half red pepper creates the perfect vessel for lunch or even a dinner. A delightful colorful way to eat tuna salad. Chicken salad is also another variety of fillings that can be used. Be creative and the possibilities are endless. Use what…

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Tuna Mayonnaise

This was not a recipe that I would see in my childhood yet it has become common since then. It is very versatile because the Tuna Mayonnaise can be used in several different ways. Simple to prepare then use to fill a sandwich, a baguette or a baked potato.

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Tuna Tomato Pasta

A Trout

I am not going to call this Pasta al Tonno as I am not Italian but it is derived from that. Tuna Tomato Pasta works well because that says what it contains. It is quite simple to make and produces a wonderful result Serves 4 Ingredients 2 185g cans tuna…

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Store Cupboard Fish Pie

A recipe by Ian Dixon

This very simple store cupboard fish pie involves very little preparation. It uses ingredients that many will have available in the cupboard. Something that is good for use on a busy day when a meal is needed quickly. Serves 4 Ingredients 2 185g tins of tuna flakes, drained 1 packet…

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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips have never been the same since the chippy stopped using old newspapers to wrap them. A British classic, especially for Fish Friday, but tricky to prepare at home because of the amount of deep frying involved. This version uses the oven to cook the fish leaving more…

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