Fish Dinner

This Fish Dinner may look a little basic simply because it is.

Actually part of one of my fairly regular steamer cooked meals and a great one for that. Everything can be stacked into the steamer then just left to cook.

The only thing the food needs to finish is some sauce and here I vary things. Sometimes it will be curry, others sweet n sour and bolognese is good too.

I also vary the vegetables in order to make the dish more visually appealing. Cauliflower is a great vegetable but very bland in appearance especially alongside fish and potatoes of a similar colour.

Add in some carrots for the colour though and you have improved the eye appeal of the meal.

I can be creative when cooking but I do often find that I resort to making variations on a handful of basic recipes of which this is one.

Fish Dinner

Use the basic idea of fish and potato then add a selection of vegetables plus a sauce of choice to get a great meal.

Check out this slightly different but very similar Fish Dinner that I did earlier.

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