Feed a Child This Easter

Psyanky in a Ukrainian style

Easter means many things to different people. For those of a religious nature it is a celebration. Many see it as an opportunity to get together with family or friends for a big meal. Yet many in the world are starving and will end up eith an empty stomach over Easter and the days following. There are ways we can help by saving a little from our own meal spending then donating it to help the hungry.

Reach for your wallet and get out your card. A mere $5 will get a kid a nutritious school lunch for a month. Simply spend slightly less over Easter and you will be helping to alleviate hunger and helping to feed a child.

The people behind this are the World Food Programme which is an agency of the United Nations. I have supported them for a while now. It seems fitting that a site dedicated to food should promote something that is attempting to end world hunger. You can see more of why this is important at WeFeedBack which is a WFP project that allows you to donate.

In case you think there is some gain in this for me then nothing could be further from the truth. I have a strong belief in giving back around 10% (after tax) of what I get coming in to help a good cause. Sometimes, like now, it is time I give and other times it is financial.

Please take a look at at either the main WFP website ore the wefeedback one and make a donation, no matter how small. You will help to feed a hungry child and improve their chances for the future.

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