Egg Salad Sandwich

Complete Egg Salad Sandwich

It is always worth keeping a few hard-boiled eggs on hand. They are so easy to use for a quick lunch or even for a full dinner. Make up a batch when cooking other things then either put them in the fridge or pickle them. An Egg Salad Sandwich is…

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Egg and Spaghetti Medley

Egg and Potato Medley

This Egg and Spaghetti Medley was a creation that appealed as a way to use up some leftover spaghetti in tomato sauce that was in the fridge. I had eggs plus various vegetables so that led to a plan forming. What you will see is the result of some scheming…

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Sausage and Mixed Vegetable Omelette

A classic dish, this Sausage and Mixed Vegetable Omelette is an easy dish to prepare yet is also very filling. Not really much of a recipe you may be thinking. Well it is a first for us here at Experimental Chefs because it is the first time that we have…

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Sort of Uitsmijter

Sort of Uitsmijter with Minty Mustard Salad

Well, my original plan for this recipe was to put it into the ‘Not Quite’ series that I write. However I had already used the name so I had to think of something different and so I present Sort of Uitsmijter to you. This is done in an English style…

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Geordie French Toast

Geordie French Toast served

Something from my childhood when Geordie French Toast was a regular on the household table. Of course, with us being from the North East of England, we knew it by a different and rather plainer name. When my mother made it, we would hover in the kitchen and take turns…

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