Egg Salad Pitta

This Egg Salad Pitta was actually a late snack because I was feeling hungry. Yes, I do know that eating before bedtime is never a good idea because it disturbs sleep but I was hungry.
So since there was a little bit of mixed salad in the the fridge then I started with that.
Hard boiled eggs are something I cook up in batches so there were some of them too. The end taste and appearance would have been better if using Pickled Red Eggs but, on this occasion, the eggs were straight from the shell.
I keep pitta bread in the freezer so fight one out from there then heat it in the toaster. Allow to cool so fingers don’t get burnt then open into a pocket.
Put some salad into the pitta.
Chop the egg then add on top of the salad.
Salad cream, salt and pepper to finish off a great snack.
Egg Salad Pitta

It is also great for lunch too. Works as lunch to go as well but hold off on the salad cream. It will make the pitta quite soggy so best avoided. It can, of course, be added at the time of eating. Just be careful of messy fingers at the office desk!

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