Do Your Recipes Work Globally?

What would people think if I said to them that the recipes which they post were totally useless to me?
They might be a little upset. Perhaps they may even be angry. After all, a lot has been put into writing that recipe and now I am putting it down.
Yet the fact of the matter is that many recipes are written in a way that makes them very difficult to use. Ask yourself this question:

Do Your Recipes Work Globally?

Here is a typical line that demonstrates my meaning:

Cook in an oven at 350°

Now that is quite a common line used in the method part of many posted recipes. There is nothing wrong with it because it is quite clear.
Or is it?
It is clear as mud to me because my oven only goes up to 240°!
So what is the difference and why is it not clear?
Well the 350 measure is using the older fahrenheit scale which is used by few in the 21st century.
Now try this version

Cook in an oven at 180°C/Gas Mark 4/350°F

Now that makes sense to me because my electric oven is scaled in centigrade so I would use the first. A gas oven would use the second and the fahrenheit measure is there for those who still use that older unit.
Our approach at Experimental Chefs
Here of Experimental Chefs, we try to recognise that the internet is global. To do that means including the different ways of referring to things in the kitchen. Oven temperatures are a fairly easy one to include in recipes as there are many conversion charts available. I have the one from Online Conversion as a bookmark for a quick check when needed.
So the whole point is that you must globalise your recipes. Here at Experimental Chefs we try to do exactly that. It takes us time but we do it. We do it because we love the food and we want others to share our love of that food. That means making recipes accessible in a global way.

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