Curry Veggieball Dinner

Meatballs are great for the flesh eaters but way off the dining table for vegetarians. There is a meat free alternative though which this Curry Veggieball Dinner shows.

Check out the freezer section at your local supermarket as they are quite likely to have a vegetarian equivalent to meatballs in there.

The veggieballs are also great for serving to a vegetarian and carnivore dinner party. With the right cooking then the meat eaters will never notice that it is actually a vegetarian meal.

Read on for more on this dinner.

Curry Veggieballs Dinner

A fairly simple dinner really with everything cooked in a steamer for the convenience that it provides.

Veggieballs as the obvious starting point. Potato, cauliflower, broccoli and peas as the vegetables. Takes about 30 minutes to cook.

On this occasion, I used some curry sauce to finish. Regular gravy works just as well though.

Try them out because you may be surprised at how good they can be.

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