Stodgy British Food – the recipes

Pitta Chip Butty

Reminders of the old Transport Cafe with some of this selection of stodgy British food recipes from the Experimental Chefs collection. Or consider the traditional Greasy Spoon Cafe too. Most have now closed but there are a few that still manage to keep going. A small selection for your eating…

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A Fishy Business by Experimental Chefs

*Fishy recipes from Ian Dixon and Cynthia Fertal* The most recent recipe book published by Experimental Chefs which bring together a selection of 20 tried and tested fish recipes. Plus it is currently with a price tag of $0/£0 so why miss out? Visit the A Fishy Business Page to…

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Stodgy But Fun British Food

Stodgy But Fun British Food Cover

I went through some hoops before deciding to make this available to the world. It falls short of my standards in several areas. Yet there is enough that is good in it to make it worth sharing. So I decided to make it available to the world. A collection of…

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Fun Vegetarian Eating

With many years of combined vegetarian cooking experience, Cynthia Fertal and Ian Dixon are excited to be bringing you Fun Vegetarian Eating. A selection of their own personal recipes combined into a convenient cookbook for your dining pleasure. Dishes such as Pickled Beetroot Eggs, Confetti Coleslaw, Italian Minestrone Soup, and…

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Stodgy But Fun British Food – Edition 2

Welcome to the world of Stodgy But Fun British Food. After over 50 years of eating it, I thought I would put pen to paper to tell the world about what us Brits eat. We can manage more than just fish n chips or pie n chips! Read on for…

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