Chip Butty US Style

I would imagine that everyone in the UK would know what a Chip Butty was. Opinions may differ on the exact type of bread to be used but the basic concept is to fill some bread with fried chips. Always a great stopgap to fill the stomach ahead of a full meal.

Now the US have a strange concept of the meaning of chips. They have this idea that they come cold in bags from the store rather than hot from the chippy.

So we came up with a Chip Butty US Style to fit in with what that country believes to be chips.

It only takes a large bread roll and a bag of chips to make. That makes for something great for a quick lunch. Choose the flavour of chips according to your own taste. The ones in the picture were supposed to be Cheesy Baked Bean flavour. I failed to detect the taste of either in the finished butty. Slight fail on the part of the manufacturer with that one I think.

This version just used some bread that I happened to have. Any buns or sliced bread will make for a great butty. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Chip Butty US Style

And for the Brits reading, yes I do know the proper name for this is a Crisp Sarnie 🙂

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