Chicken Cheese Pepperoni Pitta

More a lunchtime treat but this Chicken Cheese Pepperoni Pitta could also be a dinner if served with a salad.

An easy one to make too and the total in the filling can be varied to suit the appetite of the eventual eater.

Read on to see how to make this tasty meal.

Chicken Cheese Pepperoni Pitta

The easy part of making this is the pepperoni and the pitta because they can just be bought from the supermarket.

Same applies to the cheese too as the supermarkets sell various cheeses in ready sliced form. That is what I used in the version pictured. I would prefer to do it by buying a block of cheese then slicing it myself though.

With the chicken then again that can be bought ready cooked but I prefer to do my own. It means that I can add different flavours according to my mood on the day that it gets cooked. For instance, I may cook the chicken with paprika, chilli, sage or mint. Depends on how the mood takes me.

Putting it together

This part is easy especially if you are using ready chopped chicken. If not then that will need to be sliced.

Then it is just a case of lightly toasting a pitta, allowing it to cool a little then splitting it open. Stuff in the chicken, cheese and pepperoni. Add a little mayo perhaps to finish it off.

Ready to eat

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