Cheesy Fish and Mash

This Cheesy Fish and Mash started out as an experiment that came from my regular supermarket substituting a bag of frozen chips for frozen carrots.

I found it more amusing that they would manage something so clearly weird. It was slightly annoying though as the order did already include a bag of frozen chips and they are big bags too.

Add the cauliflower and the pitta bread that needed to go in the freezer too. Freezer fight time.

I won and got everything in eventually. Still a battle when I want anything out of the freezer though.

What about the Fish and Mash?

Just to make things more interesting, I had quite a few eggs that were past date and needed cooking. The easiest way to do that is to put them in the steamer as that is a very effective way of hard boiling them.

So the question became one of what to make for dinner that could use the steamer. White fish and vegetables both do well in there so that was a starting point. Yet what to have with them?

The cheese sauce was a fairly obvious choice but it needed something else. So I am thinking what to do when the idea of steaming some of the frozen chips comes to mind.

Taking a chance on the final outcome, that is exactly what I used. Unsure what the final result would be but worth a try. There was enough food with the other ingredients for a decent meal so I would still get a full stomach.

Cheesy Fish and Mash

Basically it is white fish fillets, frozen chips, cauliflower, brussels and tomato with some cheese sauce poured over.
Cheesy Fish and Mash
The result with the chips was different to what I expected. They turned into a somewhat lumpy mashed potato. Just what I was used to eating from a place that I would often buy my lunch from when working in Bradford.

So the end result was excellent and shows that it is worth taking chances when in the kitchen. They may go wrong but sometimes worth trying.

Nothing venture, Nothing Gained

Without the sauce

A picture of the food before pouring on the cheese sauce that better shows what is on the plate.
Fish, Mash and Veggies

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