Burger, Green Veg and Potato Dinner

Burger, Green Veg and Potato Dinner is perhaps far from the most exciting meal in the world. Adding curry sauce, as I did in the version illustrated, or gravy does liven it up though.

Yet it is easy to prepare in a steamer. Very little effort is involved and it is quick to cook. That makes for a meal that is easy to get on the table. One that is very filling too.

Serves 2


  • 4 frozen Quarter Pounder (125g/4oz) Burgers
  • 450g/1lb smallish potatoes
  • A handful of green beans
  • A handful of peas
  • A handful of garden peas
  • curry sauce or other gravy

Burger, Green Veg and Potato Dinner


My steamer has 3 trays so the method assumes that. If yours differs then you will need to adapt.

  1. Fill your steamer with sufficient water to run for 30-40 minutes.
  2. Place the burgers in the lower steamer tray.
  3. Scrub the potato then halve. Place in the second steamer tray. It is worth adding in some extra whole potatoes to use for a salad or reheat the next day for another meal.
  4. Put the peas and green beans into the third tray then cover the steamer. Switch on and let it do its job
  5. Prepare the gravy. I used a thinned curry sauce for this but other flavours of gravy would be equally good.
  6. Check the steamer at around 30 minutes as everything may be cooked. If so then time to eat but just leave steaming a little longer if not.
  7. Once everything is fully cooked then divide between 2 serving plates. Pour on your choice of gravy and enjoy your meal.


A steamer is such a great way to quickly prepare meals . The whole meal fits into it then it is just a case of switching it on then serving it up once cooked.

Just be sure to clean the steamer well after using it. The water from the condensed steam that gets trapped will provide a strong smell in your kitchen if you overlook this.

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