Beef and Onion Pasty, New Potatoes and Baked Beans

This Beef and Onion Pasty meal may be slightly outside my usual frugal limits but not by much. The pasty was bought from a local convenience store for £1 when something similar is available from the supermarkets for 38p. The baked beans and spuds were much cheaper though as they were from the supermarket rather than the convenience store.

It still worked out as a meal for one for slightly over a quid.

Beef and Onion Pasty, New Potatoes and Baked Beans

How to make

The easiest way is by having some of the trays that those ready to eat meals come in. The ones that have three compartments that will each take one of the ingredients of this meal. At a pinch, it also makes for frugal washing up because the food can be eaten straight from the tray. Only the tray and fork to clean if done that way.

Simply put some cooked potatoes from a can into one compartment and some baked beans into another then cover then cover and microwave for about 2 minutes. Then put the pasty into the empty compartment and microwave for a further 2 or so minutes.

Based on a 900W microwave so you might need to vary the timing.

Then either eat straight from the tray or spoon out onto a plate. It is easier to cut into the pasty if it is on a plate although it can be eaten as finger food with a fork being used for the potatoes and the beans.

A little salt and pepper to finish then it is ready to eat.


The pasty cost £1
⅓ can of new potatoes was 5p
⅓ can of baked beans was 8p

So the total cost of the meal was £1.13

I could get it down to 51p by getting the pasty from the supermarket too.

Prices correct for one supermarket at date of post (August 2015)

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